About us

Why choose Art painting Center?

Art painting Center; is more than just somewhere to buy art It's the easiest, most flexible and most rewarding place to find, buy or rent expert-selected contemporary art online.

Unparalleled choice

Pick from thousands of artworks from hundreds of incredible contemporary artists, both established and on the rise. Art painting Center works with some of the most prestigious galleries and museums in the Iran, so if you don't know the artist you're looking for, just ask!
Expert-vetted quality

Every artist featured on Art painting Center is personally selected by our panel of art insiders, so you can rest assured the art you're ordering is the work of a hand-picked talent, which is an original piece.

Art that heals

Rise Art operates the charitable initiative Art for Care — designed to assist pastoral care in Iran's children's hospitals specially MAHAK- steadfastly supports parents with cancer-stricken children

Our history

Store in Australia

Send sales manager to Sydney for sale and lease Art painting directly
07May 2016

Store in France

we start to international marketing and sale directly
21Dec 2012

Improve website

start to introduce the website to target market and audience
05 Feb 2006
Before 2005

Start and run gallery

establish with gallery for find credit
14Jun 2004

Artist Identification

find 21 artists and painter for cooperative
10 July 2003


start to market research about lease of original of art
07 May 2002