Change of season |Code : 323460

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Change of season |Code : 323460
About art work

TECHNIQUE: Acrylic painting
SIZE: 110*111 cm

lease: 500$ for 6 months and 900$ for 12 months

Sale: 2100$

About artist:

Name: Marjan Pirata
Born: Iran
Year of birth: 1979
She was born in 1979. she commenced artistic studies at the age of 15 when she started going to art school in the small desert town in Iran. In 2003 she got admitted to Islamic Azad University for art. Later she joined Karnataka Chirakala Parishath, College of Fine Arts, in Bangalore, India and graduated as a Bachelor of Sculpture in 2012. Her first exhibition was in Iran, in 2004. Then she joined to a group exhibition in the year 2011 at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath gallery in Bangalore, India and her work was selected by Mr Kejriwal, a famous private art collector and gallery owner from Bangalore. In the year 2012 she did an installation show with mixed media and rejected materials or junk along with a group of musicians from Bangalore, India. In recent years she has been working across different mediums which includes sculpture, graphic printmaking, paintings, video art, installations, assemblages and land-art.

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Lease for 6 months 500$ ­­♦♦♦ Sale for 2100$