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original painting for sale
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art fine for sale
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Code : 786921
art fine for sale
About art work

SIZE: 30*30 cm

lease: 400$ for 6 months and 700$ for 12 months

Sale: 1300$

About artist:

Name: Azeem Fala
Born: Iran
Year of birth: 1981
He was born in 1981 in Iran, into an artist family. Azeem received her M.A. in painting from the Fine Art University of Tehran.
Azeem is a member of the Association of Artists in Iran and his works has appeared in exhibitions in the more than 22 nationals and international exhibitions.
-A member of Iranian National Elite Foundation.
-A member of Improving Contemporary Art Foundation.
-Holding calligraphy-painting exhibitions in Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Azerbaijan, Lebanon,Belarus and France.
-Gaining prizes in national and international festivals.
-Conservation of works in museums, cultural centers, art treasure of maskan bank, Iran-Belarus embassies and many collections.
-Holding workshops in museum, universities, schools, galleries and art centers.
-Appreciated as " a young artist" in Tehran's Contemporary Art museum.
-Appreciated as " Tehran's creative teacher in current year" in Arasbaran cultural center.
-Publication of works in books, magazines and posters.
-Arbitration of calligraphy-painting festivals and teaching calligraphy-painting in educational centers.
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Lease for 6 months 400$ ­­♦♦♦ Sale for 1300$