Paradise | Code: 927108

The past | Code: 938284
ardour | Code: 472018
Paradise | Code: 927108
About art work

TECHNIQUE: oil painting and ink
SIZE: 90*60 cm

lease: 1100$ for 6 months and 2000$ for 12 months

Sale: 3300$

About artist:

Name: Amir hoiseini
Born: Iran
Year of birth: 1975
He has been working copiously in the field of Pareidolia Painting for 21 years and has created so many art works. Attending many national and international art exhibitions and festivals, He has gained remarkable rank and awards and relying on his background and experience, he has attempted to draw and create conceptual and meaning-oriented paintings
He works exhibits the psychological phenomenon of Pareidolia- a type of illusion or misperception involving a vague or obscure stimulus being perceived as something clear and distinct. The most common thing for people to see is faces, animals and nature.

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Lease for 6 months 1100$ ­­♦♦♦ Sale for 3300$