Lease/Rent and Terms

Art painting center offers the lowest art rental rates in Australia. Our flexible packages and changeover facility means that we can accommodate to your needs. For potential buyers, renting artwork is an opportunity to live with the works before committing to final purchase. Whether in your home or office, Art Painting Center provides a flexible and cost effective way to create truly interesting spaces.
Buying art should be fun and exciting, right? Often however, discovering the perfect piece can be a challenge. Something might look wonderful in a gallery, fair, or online – but will you enjoy living with it for years? And will it even fit your wall?
We launched art rentals to make discovering and owning art easy and risk-free. Renting art is a fantastic way to furnish your work or living space without tying up valuable capital. Try the art wherever you like, live with it, and rotate new work in at any time. Earn credits and purchase the ones you love.
Terms and condition
When you’ve made your choice, all you need to do is fill in the form and put the code of the painting, written below, into it. Then, our customer service team, contact you to coordinate the delivering time and inform you about the terms of payment.
You need to pay the 20% of lease price in advance and rest of 80% at the time of delivery.
Our delivery will bring your leased order as soon as possible and the delivery price will be on customer’s charge within the Australia.
All the artworks are covered by FREE insurance cover.
All rental costs are fully tax deductible.
RENTAL INCENTIVE OPTIONS – opting into our 2 year Rental Incentive Scheme gives you the opportunity to rent a diverse range of artworks on a long-term basis, while paying 5% less for every year that you continue to rent your artworks.
***Our minimum rental period of 6 months can be extended by agreement and your artwork can be purchased at the end of this period on beneficial terms.