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Art is an excellent investment . Purchasing a painting for sale by an emerging or established artist is generally a very sound investment. From a purely financial standpoint, a good painting for should appreciate in value over time as the artist’s standing and reputation grows. How much the painting for sale appreciates depends on the level of accomplishment the artist achieves. But even if it only appreciates a little, it’s still a better investment than most everything else in your life, which requires repeated replacement or constant consumption. Financial considerations aside, the real reason fine art is a great investment is about quality of life. Money can’t buy happiness, but a great painting for sale can generate feelings of happiness, calm, nostalgia, remembrance, joy, and more each time you look at it in your home.
Buying a painting for sale supports the artist directly. Painters pour their hearts into their work, and it can be difficult to make ends meet in such a labour-intensive and competitive field. Enrich your home and feel good knowing your purchase is helping to support a local artist by shopping at local galleries.
Paintings are one of a kind. There’s something satisfying about having a piece of unique artwork in your home.
Paintings are handmade. Like handmade knits, hand-thrown pottery and handcrafted furniture, original paintings for sale show the hand of their maker. This quality brings richness and personality to the home – factory-made furniture and slickly printed posters simply cannot compete.
A painting can make the room. A painting begs to be the focal point of a room. Whether your artistic taste runs to the bold and graphic or to vintage landscapes, the original painting for sale you choose is bound to have a big impact on your space – I can’t think of another thing that has such an ability to bring that wow factor to a room.
Paintings make a house feel like home. Paintings you’ve owned for a while become like old friends. Simply pulling out your paintings and putting them up can make any space, no matter where you are, feel like home – even more so if you happen to have paintings handed down to you from your parents or grandparents.
Paintings inspire. Looking at a original painting you love refreshes your spirit. Why not give yourself the gift of daily inspiration by saving up for a small painting you adore?
Curating your own art gallery is fun! Will you find yourself drawn to pastels, portraits, still lifes or landscapes? Representative art or abstract? Choosing paintings for sale helps hone your personal aesthetic. And let’s face it, being the curator of your own personal art gallery is a really fun job.
Ideal for corporate and private gifts. Welcomes, thank you’s, farewells, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions – or give a gift certificate and let them choose their own.
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